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Hello, we are Starq Cockpits


Cockpit Poster Holder 






The pilots will now become familiar with the movements inside the cockpit and be better prepared due to the Cocpit Poster Holder 3D design. By the time they reach the Full Flight Simulator sessions, they will focus on advance operational training aspects and will have a better understanding of their working environment. 



"All the training centers and flight-schools worldwide have fixed cockpit replicas that:

- The pilot has to commute to the training center.

- furthermore he has to share among the other pilots.

The Cockpit Poster Holder eliminates dependency of place and time.




 AIRLINES  Free your pilots and reduce your familiarization costs, maintaining your standars.

 FLIGHT SCHOOLS  Make your flight school stand out of the crowd in today competitive market improving your efficency.

 PILOTS  Become familiar with the movements inside the cockpits and be ready for your simulation sessions.




 -Set up your Cockpit Holder Poster on any desk in seconds without tools. 

 -Unlimited pratice time and tailored self-study.  

 -Able for any Cockpit Poster Panel. 




Some of the lovely companies we work with.

Thank you for your contribution to flight safety through our education tools.





Starq Cockpits