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Portable Cockpit Trainer is extremely time-effective

With the Portable Cockpit Trainer, your company will be able to reduce pilots’ training times and avoid long training   periods that ground manpower. This powerful self-study tool eliminates dependency on time and place. We created a portable, foldaway solution that can be used at any time and that can be carried around in a case.



How many cockpit training hours needs a pilot to be a safe, capable pilot?

Due to its special 3D design, pilots carry out realistic scan-flows so they will now become familiar with the movements inside the cockpit and be better prepared. By the time they reach the Full Flight Simulator sessions, they will focus on advance operational training aspects and will have a better understanding of their working environment.



Portable Cockpit Trainer advantages




- Realistic scan-flows

- Long service life

- Ergonomic

- Portable

- Fits on any desk

- Self-study tool

- Easy assembly, in seconds and without tools

- Time-effective

- Usable throughout the entire training cycle of pilots





Assembly in seconds, without the need for tools

In two easy steps, the aluminum-supporting frame is assembled. Then, just by attaching the flight instruments, overhead and pedestal panels to the cockpit frame, pilots can start to make the very most of the PCT’s capability.



Designed for long training sessions

Pilots are going to be working for hours with the Portable Cockpit Trainer, and it is therefore of utmost importance that they are as comfortable as possible. We have designed solutions to meet the main rules of ergonomics: the design and dimensions of the Portable Cockpit Trainer mean pilots can spend long training sessions without tiring, placing the PCT on any standard desk.



Throughout the entire life of pilots

Standardization of the supporting structure and the possibility of changing the Cockpit Panels means the Portable Cockpit Trainer is an adaptable resource for all stages of your pilots’ careers and for any aircraft.




We are able to customize our Portable Cockpit Trainer to suit your company’s needs






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