The better the environment in which training takes place, the higher the training quality and output will be. Especially for ab initio training an academy style that allows students to live, eat, and breathe flying, will reap high benefits. In this type of environment a student is not only free of distractions but also to profit from a peer support network.


With Starq Pro, each student will be able to practice at the classroom the cockpit familiarization and procedures training at the precise moment the lesson is taking place, working simultaneously, shoulder to shoulder, with the rest of trainees. Therefore, they will be able to learn from the instructor and also from their colleagues through an interactive and dynamic lesson in which they are not just mere passive subjects, but actors with a key role in their training process, getting mutual benefit from such an enthusiastic and challenging instruction’s approach.


A good, open, friendly and direct relationship between student and instructors is elemental. The instructors should install confidence in their relationship with the student. Throughout the training, this confidence will be transferred to the student as (s)he will feel the improvement in his/her achievements. In fact, Starq Pro allows the future pilot not only to have a more realistic contact with the cockpit in the pre-simulator phase, but also to feel empowered –not abandoned- by the flight school, motivated –not frustrated- by the training program and strongly self-confident to face the simulator training, having a strong cockpit knowledge basis which let him make the most of his advanced training time.