The better the training materials, the better the instruction, the better the trainees, the faster the training, the cheaper the training and the higher the benefit throughout the pilot career.

Only the best of the best should be provided to the trainees. However, in most of the cases, the budgetary reality of the flight school acts as a constraint which often reduce the training program’s means and the instructors’ scope for action. Additionally the aviation market’s growing complexity -having to train more students to fulfill the global demand of new pilots and having to adapt to an increasingly complex airplanes and operational environment, making sure to meet the required quality training standards- means a big challenge for the flight schools to face.

In spite of the aforementioned outlook, the biggest aviation challenge can be converted into the greatest training opportunity. In order to keep pilots proficient, the pilot community is convinced that the amount of time dedicated to training has to be increased. Starq Cockpits proposes Starq Pro as a solution to increase this training volume, also improving quality standards, through personalization, flexibility, interaction and self-tuition. Indeed, Starq Pro optimizes the flight school resources to satisfy both the budgetary limits and the trainees’ learning and assistance demands.

How does Starq Pro successfully deal with the challenge? The newest Starq Cockpits’ portable and adaptable to any airplane model cockpit replica, once included in the pilot’s kit, offers the flight school the possibility to develop high-performance training sessions in which the instructor teaches a group of students simultaneously, so that they can carry out in situ their cockpit familiarization and practice realistic scan-flows and flight procedures at the time the lesson takes place, in a realistic three-dimensional and individualized mockup installed in seconds on each desk.

In this way, the trainees benefit from a stimulating and motivational learning-through-doing environment, with colleagues who share a common passion, where they can put themselves to the test of their abilities and improvements in the moment thanks to a realistic solution –different from simple cockpit posters-, receive “live and direct” feedback from the instructor, learn from the interaction with their classroom colleagues, enjoy the instruction time being lead actors of their training process, avoid frustration, study at home –thanks to Starq Pro’s portability- multiplying their potential hours for training to make the most of the program’s duration, take responsibility of what they want to see during the free time or the next session and build a strong background of basic skills to strengthen their self-confidence in order to step into the simulator phase being convinced to make the most of their advanced training time, not dedicating the simulator to basic practice and cockpit familiarization.

Regarding the flight school, Starq Pro allows you to set up a modern and optimized training program, appropriate to the new times. Integrating Starq Pro in the study material for each student will give your pilots a greater training coverage in the MCC, JOC or TR days, making your flight school stand out from the rest in the current competitive market. Your instructors will teach a group of trainees simultaneously, instead of repeating the same explanations one by one at the fixed school’s mockup trainer, reducing the instruction costs at the time the students enjoy a rich classroom atmosphere of knowledge-sharing with high quality material with a three-dimensional layout similar to the real cockpit. By providing your students with Starq Pro, your flight school will be transmitting them good vibes, they will have the sensation that their flight school cares about their learning demands, somehow they will notice the backing of the instruction team since the school is offering them a tailored, flexible and continuous formation, not only at the training facilities but also at home.

Furthermore, in a field which shows a strong dependence on the word-of-mouth marketing to generate confidence and attract students, provide your trainees with a quality solution adapted to their needs truly makes a difference. There is not better marketing than the delivery of an outstanding experience to your customers, an experience which goes beyond the school-student relationship to achieve a person-to-person and cooperation atmosphere which leaves a mark inside the trainee -so him/her pleased recommends your training services- and make the flight school be proud of their program.

So, make your training worth it!