Starq Pro makes possible to install a tailor-made program without neglecting the flight school’s budgetary reality. No two students are the same. Their initial experience and skill levels may be different, as well as their individual ability to learn certain concepts and skills at different rates. Starq Pro avoids the “one size fits all” approach and provides the training program with the required flexibility to ensure each pilot’s skill meet and exceed the required proficiency and fluency, helping each individual to achieve a common standard through a continuous evaluation of the training process. That same flexibility should enable students and instructors to adapt the content to ensure the goal is reached.

Furthermore, the training does not finish at the flight school facilities, since the student is able to practice physically and in a realistic manner with his/her Starq Pro portable replica, at home, what he/she has seen at the previous lesson and also go through the next day’s content, being aware at every moment of his/her level, his/her achievements and his/her lacks; thus, Starq Pro is a powerful training tool for self-tuition, in this way preparing the trainees to acquire the necessary dose of self-criticism which will help them evolving during their professional careers. This is not something that can be taught, it must be learnt. Not always will the pilot receive classroom training before taking an exam. So self-tuition will have to be a quality that the pilot possesses as well. Only candidates with enough self-motivation to carry him/her through such a lengthy training process will succeed.

For the very same reasons, emotional stability that comes with the ability for realistic self-reflection is essential. Being able to make decisions without supervisions, in other words have enough self-confidence, is important as well. Starq Pro allows the student, since the very first phase of the training program, to take responsibility for his/her learning, activating his/her self-criticism and self-reflection sense.