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StarqCo applies the Know How of experienced pilot to offer training solutions adapted to the demanding needs of aviation markets.


Our mission is centered in transforming our knowledge in real value which contributes to improve the quality of the training in:




-Training Centers




In this way, we help to improve aviation safety and to manage successfully in the different stages of training as well as in post training and flight updates.






STARQPRO is born with the objective of providing a affordable cockpit replica to the pilot where they can train and drill limitlessly, exponentially increasing their fluency and, in this way, prepare him to successfully manage any critical flight situation.


Aviation safety depends directly on the human factor, specifically on its proficiency (demonstrated capacity) and fluency (capacity of proficiency in a critical situation).


Fluency is achieved completing a maneuver or procedure without making any mistakes in several occasions.
















Aviation safety affects everyone.  Since more than 100 years ago to these days, aviation industry has continuously worked to improve safety in the area.


Nowadays, the chances of dying in an accident on an airplane in the U.S.A. or European Union are calculated in 1 in 29 millions.


Around 90% of accidents are categorized as survivable.


In commercial aviation operations, 70% of fatal accidents are estimated to be related to human error.  One can assume that the risk of an accident being cause by fatigue is between 20-30%.


Pilot training in simulator has contributed to greater safety and to avoid accidents, since it is possible to create emergency scenario in the simulator which are not possible in a plane, such as fires or critical system failure.












The options to choose the training tools in the aviation world are limited.





- Limited 2D environment.

- Prevent the pilot from developing eye-hand coordination for procedures and scan flows he will need in the cockpit.

- Very uncomfortable tool for training sessions.

- Training in unreal (feet) position.

- Movements in cockpit are not similar to the ones made in the cockpit.  




                - Need to commute to the training center.

                - It must be shared with the rest of the partners.

                - Limited use.




                - Need to commute to the training center.

                - It must be shared with the rest of the partners.

                - Limited use.

                - High training costs.

                - Difficult access and versatility.









Transforming the cockpit of an airplane in a tool which can be installed in any place in an easy and affordable way.


When everything else fails, there's the pilot to fly the plane.


The fact that the pilot has access to a 3D replica of the cockpit with which to have custom training at any moment in a pending task of the sector, since training and have cockpit procedures fresh in mind increases safety standards at a very low cost.








A portable, light and affordable simulator.








STARQPRO can be found in any model of cockpit.  Its design allows compatibility with the different airplane models existing in the market.








Support and Compatibility


STARQPRO is an essential tool to complement with the simulator, for students as well as for professional pilots who need to update and refresh flight procedures.








STARQPRO is made of a supporting structure, which can be mounted in seconds and without tools; a set of foldable panels which contain the images of the airplane panels which they represent; and a useful suitcase, with which transporting the STARQPRO will be easy and comfortable.







The more effective low cost familiarization and training hours in STARQPRO , the more prepared for real cockpit or FFS sessions (simulator) the pilot is, and, as a result, they can focus on more advanced aspects of flight, needing fewer of the expensive FFS hours.


-Flight Schools


Integrating STARQPRO in the study material for each student will give your pilots a greater training coverage in the MCC, JOC or TR days, making your flight school stand out from the rest in the current competitive market.


- Pilots


STARQPRO provides you with limitless hours to become familiar with the cockpit movements and to prepare yourself to give your best in your simulation sessions.  Find the confidence; fluency and coordination which you will need to make the difference in an assessment or to successfully perform a critical situation in flight.



- Free your pilots, improve their performance and reduce instruction costs.


- Realistic 3D scan flows


- Training tailored for the pilot, offering the opportunity to give their best in each session.


- A tool for self learning designed so each pilot has its own.


- Easily transportable, light and easy to assemble.


- Versatile for any type of cockpit.

Starq Cockpits