Welcome StarqPro - Portable Cockpit Trainer

Welcome StarqPro - Portable Cockpit Trainer



StarqCockpits offers a training resource for pilots, additional to the FFS and adaptable to the different requirements of courses and programmes of flight schools and airline industry.


The project was born from the personal experience of professional pilots with the intent to improve the benefits of the training programme during the aircraft cockpit familiarisation plan.



As a result, we have developed the STARQPRO, a portable aircraft replica intended to train pilots with a comprehensive knowledge of basic flying procedures, thus enabling companies and flying schools to streamline the simulator times, avoiding the need of having the crew waiting on land for long time periods.


Our solutions are tailored to the centres demand, offering the STARQPRO of every aircraft model, valid during the pilot entire professional career - from the obtaining of the PPL, ATPL until the renewals, including MMC, JOC, TR, OPC, etc.


With the STARQPRO creation, we aim to achieve a tailored coaching for the pilot as well as to improve the human factor during the flight; ultimately,  to contribute to educate a safer crew through the training.


The STARQPRO seeks to establish itself in the flying schools and world´s businesses as a widespread used resource, adapting the training with the exponential growth in the number of pilots that the sector demands.

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