Full Scale Cockpit
Full scale cockpit made of wood and steel, with retroillumination. Dimensions: Instrument Panel:  154 cm x 46 cm (60.6" x 18.1") Overhead Panel:   75 cm x 40 cm (29.5" x 15.7") Pedestal Panel:    77 cm x 40 cm (30.3" x 15.7") ​ We provide all cockpit poster customization. If we don’t have the cockpit type you are flying, we will draw it for you. If you need different size, we will resize it to match your needs.   ..
The STARQ PRO consists of a dismountable supporting structure and three cockpit panels, in a briefcase. Three foldable laminated rigid cardboard panels set. The dimensions of the panels unfolded are: - Instrument Panel:  87.4 cm x 35.1 cm (34.8" x 13.8") - Overhead Panel:   67.4 cm x 38.6 cm (26.5" x 15.2") - Pedestal Panel:    67.4 cm x 38.6 cm (26.5" x 15.2") The briefcase is made of cardboard and has a plastic handle. ..